Monday, October 25, 2010

3 months already!?

I can’t believe that we’re almost through the first trimester! I’m so thankful that we’ve come this far safely. I know that God is allowing us to have this baby because He has a special purpose for its life. I can't wait to see what He has in store. This week Baby is the size of a plum, although I'm not quite sure how I feel about all the food comparisons to my baby's size. One week, the baby was the size of a grape and I've had trouble eating grapes ever since. haha. Luckily, I don't eat a lot of plums, so this week isn't really an issue. :) The baby has doubled in size since our first ultrasound. I wish I could see him/her again, but I guess we'll have to patiently wait until December.

This post could potentially be VERY long, so I’ll try to just touch on the highlights of what's been going on over the past two weeks.

-We met with a midwife, as required by our insurance company, and decided to use one! We fell in love with the midwives we met and are thrilled to be taken care of by women who will be very hands on and attentive throughout the pregnancy and delivery. When talking to the midwives, I felt like they genuinely cared about me and our baby. Who wouldn't love that?

If you're like I was, and don't fully understand what a midwife does, this how they explaned it to me:
Midwives can do everything that a doctor can, except for surgeries. Because of this, they don't have an M.D. but do have more certification than a nurse. They DO still administer women who choose not to have a natural birth. That's the main misconception that Nick and I had when we met with them. I asked if they would still take care of me if I decided to get an epidural and they said, "Of course! We don't know why people wonder that, but we get asked that question a lot!"

-At the appointment we got to hear Baby’s sweet heartbeat again. The midwife told us not to be surprised if we couldn’t hear it because most people can’t at 11 weeks, but we did! She had a hard time hearing the heartbeat for longer than a second because the baby was moving around so much. I hope that this isn't an indication of what we’re in for! Ha.

-My morning sickness is slowly disappearing. I promised I wouldn’t complain, but I am SO glad that it’s almost over! I’m actually starting to enjoy food again and I look forward to eating now. My main aversion has been to ground beef. I’ve always been sensitive to meat and have had to inspect each bite carefully. If I get a piece of gristle in my burger, steak or chicken, it’s over and I can’t eat another bite. But, now that I’m pregnant, this aversion has been severely worse. I’ve been eating a lot like a vegetarian, which is working out great. Really sweet smells make me feel sick, like the candied nuts stand in the mall. YUCK!

-I finally understand pregnancy cravings! They are unsatisfiable unless you get exactly what you’re craving. The main thing I crave has been Chick-Fil-A Lemonade. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Mmm...I love that sweet, tangy goodness! All of my life, I've hated mustard. I’m not picky (except for meat!) but, mustard is something I despise. Lately though, I've been craving mustard on a hot dog and ONLY on a hot dog. It is my new love. And luckily for me, Truett Cathy (the founder of Chick-Fil-A) has a restaurant here in town called Upscale Pizza. They have incredible hot dogs (with mustard!) AND Chick-Fil-A Lemonade. Need I say more? Thank you Mr. Cathy for making this pregnant woman happy!

-We have been working non-stop on the house, trying to get it ready for a third person. I know that after Baby gets here, our house will feel even smaller than it actually is. So, we’re trying to apply my mom’s favorite word to live by, “simplify.” It's now my favorite word. Our house already feels bigger. We decided that if we could make our house more useful and practical, we could live there longer. We've downsized our desk in the office/guest room because we finally learned how true it is that “the more space you have, the more clutter you collect.” We cleaned out our junk closet, spent $100 on plastic crates and have made major improvements! We've discovered that we really do have more space than we thought! We have started on the nursery. We’re going to try to get as much done before the new year as possible. December is Nick’s month off, so we will have plenty of time to get things done during the holidays. Even though we LOVE surprises, we are going to find out the sex of the baby. We do want to save a few surprises, so we aren't going to show pictures of the nursery until it’s completed. We're pretty excited about it! I think it's going to be a fun room.

-My incredible grandparents took me shopping for maternity clothes over the weekend. I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular pants because these are so comfortable. I had a blast and am so excited to have clothes that fit!

That's about all the updates I have for now! We are enjoying this time so much.

To have a little fun, I added a poll up top. I've enjoyed hearing people inadvertently refer to the baby as "he" or "she." It will be fun to see who is right! I have noticed that the majority of people are saying "he." I guess we'll find out soon enough! What do you think? (And for the record, as cliche' as it may be, we really DO just want a healthy baby. Especially after our miscarriage, we're grateful for whatever is in there!)


  1. Oh, it's so fun to read about your pregnancy! I wish I had written about mine in such detail.
    I was surprised to read that midwives will still treat you if you choose to have an epidural....I totally thought not! Very interesting.
    I don't know if you have a Pregnancy Support Services in your area, but their ultrasound technicians often have to get CEU hours, and they do that by doing "practice" ultrasounds on women sometimes.

  2. We love using the spacebags for storage! And CFA lemonade is the's like my sweet tea (I can't stand that stuff)! I know you guys are going to have so much fun with the nursery!
    Are the midwives your using in your doctors practice? We loved ours and my doula is one of my very best friends. There are a lot of midwives who won't treat women if they aren't choosing natural childbirth though. They aren't all the same. I don't know if there are others for you to choose from, but having used one myself I'd really encourage you to interview more than one. There's so many differing opinions on things so ask lots of questions!

  3. So....since I can "break" into your house, am I still forbidden to see the nursery? :)

  4. I am so happy for you and Nick! You are so right about this being a blessing God has chosen to give to you and your husband. I am so glad you're doing well. I can't wait to see pictures of your healthy baby and HER nursery!

  5. I can't decide! Boy or girl??? Luckily I have a little time left before I have to vote. :) Glad to hear things are going well for you and that morning sickness is letting up! That was the worst!

  6. I can't believe it's 3 months either! Crazy! Have yall met Lexie at the dr? We had our 2nd apt with her, and we LOVED her! She made us feel totally comfortable with a midwife. I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better. I hope it doesn't last much longer. I must say that as soon as I stopped being sick, I started being hungry! I'm all about apple juice right now, but you mentioning lemonade makes me want to have some next time we're at CFA! We need to plan a prego girls day...well, we may need to include the boys, I'm sure they'll be excited to talk baby talk too!

  7. Love the update, so thanful for your continued good report. Glad you are feeling better, hope the next 6 months are wonderful. I vote girl too, unless I hear of some different symptoms in the near future! Be blessed Jules!!

  8. Thank you Rachael and Lauren for the tips! I really appreciate it!

    Sarah, for the next 6 months, you may lose all "breaking in" privileges" ha. Just kidding.

    Jenn, I think it was Lexi who we fell in love with! :) She got us excited about it and then Karen sold us completely! I would love to have a pregnant girls day! And the guys are welcome too! Nick loves baby talk.