Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello 2nd Trimester!

Technically, I won't be 13 weeks until tomorrow, but tomorrow will be a very busy day and I won't have time to update.

I'm actually very excited about the fruit comparison this week! Baby is the size of a Peach! That's pretty big considering that it started out as a Poppyseed.

Friends have been asking to see my baby bump, so I included a couple of pictures. We had just gotten back from Harp's Harvest, our church's annual Fall Festival. We were outside for 3 hours and I didn't think to brush my hair before the pictures. So, to those who haven't seen me in awhile, my hair isn't always that crazy. :) I had to show off the maternity jeans too! People are definitely noticing my hill-of-a-belly. At Walmart the other night, the cashier wouldn't even let me put the milk in our buggy and said "move over Mommy." I loved it, of course.

My hormones have been out of control lately. I'm so ashamed of my road rage! But, really, DON'T ride my bumper, people! I should make a sign for the back of my car that says "Pregnant and hormonal, don't mess with me." Or maybe I could go ahead and get a sign that says "Baby on Board" and then people might be a little more sympathetic, ha. Luckily, I haven't been taking the hormones out on Nick, although he might say otherwise. Poor guy!

I'm still loving my Chick-Fil-A lemonade, but hot dogs are no longer my friend. I had to force myself to swallow a bite of one the other day. But, I'm sure that's for the best. What's really in those things anyways? Don't answer that. I don't want to know.

I guess that's it for Week 13! Thank you to EVERYONE who reads this and leaves us comments! You mean more to us than you could know and we are so thankful that we get to share this amazing journey with you!


  1. aren't you too cute! what sweet little belly!!!! god is good!

  2. Awwww! You look fantastic with your little bump. So happy for you!

  3. It was so great "meeting" you on Saturday! Your bump is adorable!

  4. Very impressive!

    Your hair looks fine to me.

    Traffic in Atlanta is a *lot* worse than in Mobile! Be careful out there! "Baby on board" would be truthful.

    Nancy Morse

  5. You are such a cute little prego mommy!! Keep up the great work, you look beautiful!

  6. Julie, we wish you and Nick and Little Akin the very best!

    Mary Weddle (from Central Baptist, Springhill)