Monday, April 26, 2010

We're having a baby!

Three positive pregnancy tests later and I still can’t believe it! I’m only four weeks along, so maybe when the nausea and all the other nasty symptoms strike I’ll miss the days when I didn’t believe it! No, I’m kidding. I am going to savor each moment of this wonderful blessing and miracle, no matter how sick I feel.

I was sure that I wasn’t pregnant this month but there was still a little bit of hope left inside me. Friday after work Nick and I were going to meet at the theater for a date. I got there early and decided to get a test from Target and go ahead and get it over with, so that I could move on with my weekend and not wonder anymore. After much debate with myself (Is it too early to test? I’m not even having symptoms! Am I crazy?) I put on my big girl pants, bought the test and went into the Target bathroom. Nick called to say that he was waiting on me outside at the exact time I saw the bright negative blue line. I was okay because that’s exactly what I expected to see. When I hung up the phone, I looked back down to see the very bold and VERY real vertical blue line. I couldn’t believe it! I gathered my things and gripped on tightly to the test. I walked outside, hugged my husband and whispered in his ear “Congratulations Daddy!” He was just as shocked as I was because I had prepared him that it would be negative. We got in the car and drove around the shopping center for 10 minutes, trying to figure out what to do next. We were in such shock that we couldn’t even think. We decided to go on with our date night as planned and enjoy having this little secret. We had already planned to see “The Back-Up Plan” (the one where Jennifer Lopez is pregnant!). It was the perfect way to celebrate. After the movie, Nick didn’t think he could eat until he told someone. We went back to Target and bought a book called In Grandma’s Arms for his mom and a little red onesie that said “Grandpa’s Little Monkey” for his dad. We drove to their house “because Nick left his paycheck” and gave them their gifts and showed them the test. They were just as excited as we hoped they would be! Then we tried to figure out how to tell my parents. I wanted to tell them in person, but knew I wouldn’t see them until the next weekend. Nick had a brilliant idea and said “Let’s go now!” So, we went home and packed up our things and the dog and headed to Daphne. We showed up on their doorstep at 3 AM (4 AM our time!). They were surprised and thrilled! They also had the perfect response…lots of hugs and “awww’s.” It was so special. Then my 11 year old brother came downstairs to see what was going on. I told him I needed help reading something. I showed him the test and he read “Clear Blue…” (priceless!). I pointed to the box and he read “pregnant.” (It was a different test because we decided that before driving 5 hours to tell my family the news, we should make sure it wasn’t a false positive. It wasn’t!) He woke up the next morning thinking that it had all been a dream.

We spent the next day with my family and they bought me a pregnancy journal, a baby name book and an interesting magazine! It was the perfect day!

Then we had to decide how to tell Nick’s brothers and our sisters-in-law. On the way back home we stopped at the Hobby Lobby in Auburn and bought two bibs and some iron-on appliqu├ęs. We gave them to Dave, Sarah & Lailey and Eli & Whitney Sunday morning at church. It was fun to see the guys trying to figure out what it meant. Here are the bibs we made.

After chuch on Sunday we called our grandparents and the rest of our family to tell the news. We were originally only going to tell family and close friends until we were further along, but we couldn't hold it in any longer. Nick stood up and announced it at lunch to the pastor, his family and several other families from the church. (The Akins were leading a revival at Crossroads Baptist Church in Social Circle, GA) I have to admit, as eager as I was, I was stressing out about telling people. I know that most people wait until they've entered the safe 2nd trimester to tell, but we couldn't do it. When I have news, I have to tell! Nick asked if he should tell the church that night during his testimony, which he was going to share. There's a part where he says, "One day I want to be a father." I wanted him to be able to tell, because after all, this is HIS news too! Being stressed and worried is not in my nature, but for some reason I couldn't shake the nerves. Then, I felt God speak to me. We have been praying for months that He would allow us to have a baby in His perfect timing. Being pregnant is an answer to prayer and I praise God for it! I want EVERYONE to know what He has done for us. It's a part of my testimony and I have nothing to hide.