Thursday, February 3, 2011

26 weeks!

A belly picture is long overdue. I haven't consistently been taking them, but at least I have enough to see the changes. It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, so we had to take the picture outside. See the short sleeves? Come on Spring!

It hit me the other day that, according to some people, next week will be the beginning of my third and final trimester! I knew that May was coming soon, but when I realized that I'm almost to 3rd tri, I was stunned. I can't believe that in just a few short months we will be holding our little girl. I can't wait to meet her. I really hope she looks like her daddy! At this point, Adalyn weighs 2 lbs.! She is moving like crazy and loves music. The other night, I was lying on the bed and Nick was sitting beside me playing his guitar and singing. When he would sing and play, she would kick. When he stopped playing, she stopped kicking. Then we both watched in amazement as she did what looked like her own version of the worm. She was dancing along! Besides her daddy, she also likes Taylor Swift and Coldplay. I think she has pretty good taste in music so far. :) I have to admit, as much as I'm enjoying her moving around all the time, I'm a little nervous about what's coming. I read on one of the baby websites that sometimes the baby's foot can get lodged between your ribs. Now, I knew this and I've had friends whose little karate kid has given them a fractured rib or two, but it's just something about the word "lodged." It sounds pretty uncomfortable! I am somewhat joking, I know that my body and my baby are doing exactly what God created them to do! It just caught me off guard to see it phrased that way.

Things couldn't be going better. I do feel like I'm back in the 1st trimester sometimes. My appetite has decreased and I've been having some food aversions and some of the same cravings that I had earlier on. I'm starting to sleep a little better and I think it's because I'm learning how to sleep with this belly and I'm finally getting used to it. The belly definitely keeps life interesting! If Nick doesn't pull the car far enough in the garage and the garage door is shut, I can't get past the car to get to the house. And if someone drops something on the floor, I will do everything I can to pick it up, but it may take some time to get down there. For the same reason, Nick has become the official shoe-tier. He's so great! :)

We had a short doctor's appointment a few weeks ago that went very well. I'm trying to toughen up for my next appointment that is on February 16th because I will be having the one hour glucose test. Yuck... I must not be too worried though because as I'm writing, I'm eating a delicious glazed donut. :)