Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20 weeks down, 20 (ish) to go!

Week 20 is here! I thought that time would slow down while waiting on our little one to get here, but I'm amazed at how fast it is going.

I'm so thankful that the further along I get, the better I feel. I'm either hungry or tired ALL the time and I love it. Especially since I'm on Christmas break and can fall asleep whenever I can't keep my eyes open. Even the not-so pleasant things I'm coping with I find humorous. I can't get off the floor without help and after a big meal I can't breathe, ha. We are visiting my family in Arkansas and Mama's homemade cooking has made me and the baby two VERY happy people. Nothing hits the spot better than her roast and mashed potatoes.

I started feeling an occasional flutter at around 15 weeks, but last Monday when I was almost 19 weeks, I felt the first kick. It was the most amazing and weird feeling ever. I can't believe that there is actually a person inside my stomach kicking me. I feel like a character from Alien. Two days after I felt the first kick, Nick was able to feel it and now he has felt it 4-5 times. My mom and even my little brother (the other Nick) got to feel it. I'm still surprised when I walk past a mirror and see my belly. It's getting noticeably bigger every day. I was woken up in the middle of the night this week because my "growing pains" hurt so badly. Sure enough, the next day I had grown!

We had our anatomy scan on Thursday and it couldn't have gone any better. Our baby is perfect! The ultrasound tech did have a difficult time getting a shot of what was (or wasn't) between its legs. The baby was in the 3 worst possible positions to get a view. It was breech, it was facing my spine and it was hunched over with its body was between its knees. I guess that the third time really is a charm because when she looked for the third time, she was able to see what was there. We are sticking to the plan and had her seal the gender in an envelope and we are going to open it on Christmas morning. Nick took the envelope home, wrapped it and put it under the tree (after being tempted to hold the envelope up to the light, which he resisted). We are going to share the news with our families on Monday night, the 27th. We are all going to dinner and are getting a cake made, with the inside dyed either pink or blue. We'll make them suffer through dinner until we eat dessert. It will be a fun night!

I hope that you have a VERY Merry Christmas and that we all remember what it is we should be celebrating! Thank you God for Jesus!

"For God so loved the world that He gave is only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life." John 3:16


  1. Congrats Julie, Can't wait to hear what it is! You can send me an e-mail... you got to know our baby secret. :)

  2. I'm counting down until Monday!